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Grid Machina teams up with expert organizations to bring you the cutting
edge technology for increasing the speed, efficiency, and security of your networks.

WiFi Module

Using industry-leading Tensilica L106 ultra-low power 32-bit micro-MCU, with 16 compact modes, Aether Wi-Fi Module supports 80MHz and 160MHz clock speed. Integrated WIFI MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA is a high-performance wireless SOC that provides maximum practicality at the lowest cost and embeds into other functions Wi-Fi functions. It supports standard IEEE802.11b/g/n protocol, complete TCP/IP protocol stack. It also supports data transparent transmission with its own RTOS; integrated serial AT command Set and server AT command set, WeChat Anirkiss2.0 protocol, SmartConfig; rich GPIO and AD interface resources, STA/AP/STA+AP working mode. It makes it easy to implement network access function after simple configuration, minimizing project development workload and development time.

Security Computer

Aether SecComputer is a hardware terminal based on physical separation while simultaneously integrating intranet and internet applications. It can switch between networks with one button. It guarantees a high level of confidentiality and integrity for the network system while maintaining convenience, cost, and performance of a single computer

Aether Smart Lock

The Aether Smart Lock is a versatile solution to a wide variety of access control problems. With it's multiple unlocking mechanisms like fingerprint access, NFC, HID and a dynamic password system with two factor authentication, Aether's Smart Lock is suited for every use case. Powered by Aether's Wi-Fi module, the secure connection allows the communication of password data, allowing one time use passwords, remote unlocking, and management, and access logging. You can assign different users with different passwords, keep track of who is using each door and when, and manage your entire access control system from one platform. Aether's Smart Lock can be retrofitted to most existing lock mechanisms, and can be attached on top of other smart locks, allowing you to combine your various security systems under one umbrella.

Security Switch

AETHER security switch is a new generation of secure switching equipment for 1G/10G Ethernet, it was designed by Y&D Electronics, it can provide flexible full 1G/10G access and cost-effective fixed 1Gand 10G uplink and downlink ports. Based on Y&D's new generationof security management technology and mobile platform, it canprovide secure authentication management, and it combines securityaudit, full wirespeed non-blocking switching, and other technologies, it can meet the requirements of Ethernet multi-service carrying and accessing, and the security management requirements of the new generation of network, it helps enterprise users build more secure IT network

Millimeter Wave Communication System

Aether Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication is a customizable wireless information transmission system with large bandwidth and high reliability. Using cutting-edge 5G millimeter-wave wireless communication technology, Aether can provide communication systems to solve the problems faced in the ‘Last Mile’ of a data transfer chain. This technology offers reliability, performance and flexibility to fit various project requirement in the real world not offered by currently used systems. Equipped with expertise gained from the application and testing of the system on a provided portion of China Railway Corporation’s high-speed trains, Aether can provide clients with on-site personal instruction to set up and maintain the system as required. The most frequent applications of Aether’s MMW system are in the high-speed train connectivity, real time HD video transmission, and in providing high speed 5G connection to end users.

Smart Power Distribution System

AETHER smart power distribution system bases on the technologies of IoT, big data, and SOC computing. Using our smart power distribution system to “guarantee safety electricity utilization of farm production, eliminate electrical fire hazards thoroughly”, to provide all-weather monitoring, alarming, and protection for 24 hours a day, using science and technology to construct a safety electricity network for the farm, realizing safety production and intelligent electricity utilization.